Mitzpe Netofa

Mitzpe Netofa is a religious cooperative community in the Lower Galilee, established in 1983.

From Netofa one can see the city of Safed, the mountains of the Upper Galilee, Mount Hermon, the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, the Carmel Mountains and  Mount Tabor.

The community is located about three kilometers north of the Golani Junction and close to the cities of Tiberias, Afula, Nazareth, and Karmiel.

In Mitzpe Netofa there are currently around 100 permanent homes and 47 temporary structures which house families until construction of their homes is completed.  There are also eight ״caravillas״ inhabited by new immigrants from North America and Great Britain.

The community is currently building a new neighborhood which will include 42 new homes.  There are additional plans for 23 lots for custom home construction and 32 townhouse units.

Over the past three years, Mitzpe Netofa has focused on developing the central area of the community.  This has included construction of a new library, an  outdoor amphitheatre, two playgrounds and landscaping. The 600,000 NIS for these projects came from communal funds and generous donations made by members of the community and their families.

The Lower Galilee Regional Council has supported development of the community in all phases.

Community life

Mitzpe Netofa is currently home to approximately 160 families. In all, there are 770 residents, 118 of which are children under the age of 7. There are 15 families of new immigrants from North America and Great Britain living in Mitzpe Netofa.

The residents of Mitzpe Netofa work tirelessly to cultivate a high-quality communal life by providing a range of educational and cultural activities and services.  Every member of the community donates of his time, energy, and talent in order to ensure the success of the various activities.  These families contribute greatly to the development of the community and of the Lower Galilee region.

The members of Mitzpe Netofa work in a wide range of professions including education, medicine, engineering, hi-tech, agriculture, law, and various small businesses.

Community Buildings

A new synagogue has been built in Mitzpe Netofa within the past ten years. The two-story structure serves as a place of prayer and of learning.  There is also a social hall as well as an office building which houses a dental office, surveyors and building planners offices, and other private businesses.  Additionally, there are preschools and daycare, a library, and a youth club for the Bnei Akiva youth movement.  The community also has a women’s ritual bath (mikve) that is maintained by the Lower Galilee Religious Council.

Education and Culture

The community daycare facility provides care for children from three months to age three. From age three through kindergarten the children learn in the community preschool. Students from grades one through eight attend the religious public school run by the Lower Galilee Regional Council in neighboring Kibbutz Lavi. The girls generally attend high school in Tiberias, and the boys travel to various high schools in the Galilee and in the Golan Heights.

In the community, there is a rich selection of after-school activities for children, youth and adults in addition to activities related to the B’nei Akiva youth movement.

Residents of the community enjoy a broad range of cultural activities including lectures, plays, movies, and other events, organized and run by the culture committee. On the Sabbath there is an array of religious classes for children and adults.

Mitzpe Netofa Development

The development program for Mitzpe Netofa includes plans for a youth club, a multi-purpose hall for cultural events, enrichment activities, and communal prayers, and The Mitzpe Netofa Community and Sport Center which will serve the residents of the community and of the region. The sports facility will be uniquely designed to cater to physically challenged persons.

There are also plans for the establishment of “Beit L’Chaim” for mentally-challenged women who will live within the community.

Mitzpe Netofa currently offers an array of sports activities including basketball, football (soccer), dance, gymnastics, and karate (integrated with children from the neighboring village of Bu’ayna-Nujeidat).In light of all of these activities, the head of the Lower Galilee Regional Council, Mr. Moti Dotan has designated high-priority to assist Mitzpe Netofa in construction of the sports facility.

To date, around 4 million NIS has been made available for this project through the “Toto-Winner” Lottery via the Lower Galilee Regional Council, comprising about half of the needed funds.  Additional donations are required in order to complete this project.  Various dedication opportunities exist including the naming of the center.

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